Gourd Art

I work with gourds in all different sizes, from egg gourds (ranging in size from 2” to 4”) to cannonball gourds (round, about 5-8” wide and tall) to Kettle gourds 12” tall and larger. Gourds are incredibly interesting to work with-I can draw on them, carve, paint, dye, make lidded containers, bowls-the possibilities are limited only by my imagination. And I have a good imagination!

Currently, I am exploring dragons and other fantasy images interwoven in my designs. My designs are all original. I never know what I’m going to draw until I start drawing. The containers are especially satisfying. One of the traditional behaviors of Dragons is fierce protection of their treasures. If you use these containers to store your own treasures, feel comfortable knowing the dragon is always on patrol! Dragons are also symbols of strength and independence. Keep them out where you can see them, enjoy their magical forms and colors.

All designs on my gourds are my original designs. If you are interested in seeing designs, check out the Custom page. You can choose a design and gourd shape. Just remember, I draw each one individually so there will be slight variations.

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Tropical (above)
6” at widest point, 6” tall, “cannonball” gourd. Makes an unusual container for feminine treasures. Tropical colors of pink/orange, red, and yellow contrast with flowing teal, blue/green and blue, like island flowers against a background of the ocean. Container sits on irregularly shaped feet that mimic the shape of the natural stone handle. Interior is finished with colored tissue, sealed with polyurethane. Exterior is sealed with waterproof poly as well.


Gilded Cannonball Gilded Cannonball: Cannonball gourd is 8” wide by 8” tall. Original design. Inside and outside sealed with polyurethane. Lid handle is natural stone, with clay feet molded in similar shape and color.
Dragonfly Dragonfly: 15” tall, this gourd is finished inside with polyurethane sealer, and outside design is wood burned. Original design features dragonflies and floral motif. Perfect for potpourri or feminine treasures.
Gilded Cannonball

Dragon Gourd: “Cannonball” gourd is 8” at widest point, 8” tall. Two beautiful glass beads serve as handle for lid. Dragon stalks gourd all around in a weaving organic design. What a lovely, safe place to store your treasures!

Large Floral Gourd container: 15” tall, 8” wide, gourd is finished inside and out with polyurethane and decorated with original design in summer colors.
Stalking Dragon Stalking Dragon: 10” at widest point, 13” tall. Original design is burned into gourd surface and colored in pencil. Interior is painted a shimmering indigo. Entire gourd is sealed with polyurethane. Stalking Dragon Lid
Open Back Dragon Gourd: This gourd is 8” at widest point, 8” tall. Dragon stalks gourd all around in a weaving organic design. What a lovely, safe place to store your treasures! Back is open for easy access.
Vermilion Wings: Design features intense color and flowing lines incorporating the color and surface variations of the gourd. Interior is black and sealed with polyurethane, as is exterior. Dragon’s design is burned into surface and colored in pencil. Wings wrap around gourd in a shimmering vermilion, bringing dragon to life as he keeps watch.
Smiling dragon: 8” at widest point, 12” tall. Design is burned into surface of gourd, filled with colored pencil. Interior is finished in shimmering indigo. Entire gourd is sealed with waterproof polyurethane.

Hanging Gardens:
Large kettle gourd is 10” wide and 12” tall. Lid comes off to offer large storage area. Design is burned and colored, then sealed with commercial polyurethane. Design varies slightly as each is hand worked. $125.

Dragon with crystal: Large gourd, 10” wide and 12” tall, opens to shimmery indigo interior to store treasures. Dragon holds quartz crystal and lid has large quartz crystal handle. Design winds around gourd with the word “Treasure” worked into the design on back. Design is wood burned and colored in Prismacolor pencil and sealed with commercial polyurethane.
A unique piece, there is only one. $225.


Dragon Eggs

Dragon Eggs: Gourd eggs range in size from 2” to 4”. Variations in size and natural color of the gourd enhance the different dragon designs. Dragons flow in a fantasy of swirling, ribbon-like designs, and bright rainbow colors. Design covers the entire egg. Design is burned into surface and filled in with colored pencils. They are too pretty to put away after the holidays. Keep them out to brighten your decor year round!

Gourd Eggs: Gourds range in size from 3” to 5” and feature original designs in floral, geometric and everything in between. When I start burning the designs into the gourds, I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I let my hands make designs and enjoy what happens!
Gourd Eggs  
Large gourd, 10” wide and 12” tall, opens to shimmery indigo interior to store treasures. Design is wood burned and colored in Prismacolor pencil and sealed with commercial polyurethane. $125

Jewelry and Gourd Embellishments: These designs are made for jewelry or to be attached to your choice of gourd pots and bowls. Each piece is unique, a small work of art you can wear or enjoy on a gourd painted in corresponding colors. Please request a favorite design: dragons, dragonfly, floral or custom. Keep checking-there are new designs coming including finished jewelry and embellished gourds.

Dragons range in size from 4” wide to 3” tall to smaller versions 3” wide and 3” tall in rectangle shapes. Other designs are roughly the same size. All are slightly rounded since they are gourd shards. None are completely flat so they make great embellishments to larger gourd bowls and pots.

Example cannonball gourd
with embellishments


Example cannonball gourd
with embellishments


A gourd a bout 8" wide and tall ready for embellishment
(Custom finish available)

LEFT: Potpourri gourd; RIGHT: Lidded gourd with embellishment

Potpourri Gourds (ABOVE):
Cannonball gourd is approximately 5” wide and 5” tall. Gourds vary slightly in size but are basically this size and round. Each has a dragonfly cut into lid to allow potpourri scent to escape. Lid has handles that vary from natural minerals to glass beads. You may specify which you like. Finishes are done in acrylic and metallic paint, sealed with commercial grade polyurethane. Each gourd comes with handmade potpourri made from North Carolina botanicals. You may choose Citronella, Fir, or Fresh Scent. Colors are blue/copper, Red/gold, Green/gold, gold. You may also request a custom color combination. $25.

Larger potpourri gourds - $50
(about 6-8" wide, 8 - 12" tall)


Treasure Boxes:
Cannonball gourds app” 5”wide, 6” tall with attached clay feet. Finishes are gold or cooper with various colors and design worked around lid opening. Interior is sealed with commercial polyurethane like the outside. Gourds are durable and beautiful. Each is unique, one of a kind. $50.



High Neck Pot High Neck Pot:
High Neck Pot
Gourd is 8” wide, 9” tall. Rough finish in cream and gold on neck contrasts with teal and gold finish body of pot. Elegant, understated.
Copper Pot Copper Pot:
Copper Pot
Gourd is 8” around, 5” tall. Special layered finish in copper and blues, copper interior. Sealed with polyurethane.
Jeweled Pot:
Jeweled Pot
Gourd is 6” tall, 4” around. Special layered finish highlights copper beads embedded in the shell.
Oil Lamp:
Oil Lamp
Lamp is made from canteen and cannonball gourds. I have been experimenting with new finishing techniques. There are roughly 5+ layers on any given gourd and the effect is like highly glazed pottery. Each lamp is finished individually, so each is unique. Roughly  8” in width, 5” tall with glass insert. Use any standard lamp oil.
Small Dragon 1 and 2:
Small Dragons
Gourd is approximately 5” tall, 4” at the base. Original dragon design is burned in, colored with Prismacolor pencil, and sealed with polyurethane. Each dragon is unique, so expect yours to be slightly different from the one shown. Custom work welcome!


Kathleen Troutman - Multimedia Artist